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It was my husband's idea to try "colors" for the interior of our home. We plan to move in three to four years and thought it would be nice to enjoy some redecorating before we actually sell. As I am definitely a "right brain" individual with no creative touch, I didn't know where to start. Blues, tans, yellows, reds...???

Fortunately I discovered Ellen's listing in the yellow pages and on the web. I contacted her one afternoon, had an immediate response, and made plans for our first consultation (somewhat apprehensively...because I've never been comfortable with creative folks).

Well, I am very thankful that I arranged for that first meeting. Ellen was and is a gem. She immediately made me feel comfortable with the concept of colors and sprucing up the interior. There were highlights in my home that could be enhanced...who knew!

Ellen quickly assisted me in narrowing my color choices. She made suggestions about what should be done to prepare for a future sale. What was really great was the fact that she worked with my existing furnishings so that the overall expenses were minimized.

I am thrilled with the end result. It literally seems as if we moved already and that the interior was professionally designed. It was, thanks to Ellen. Colors are wonderful, the house appears much warmer and less cluttered. All of our guests are very, very complimentary and just amazed at the new look. I certainly wish that I had done this years ago.

(The above was written in 2008. Her 2015 update can be found below)

Recently I emailed Ellen and presented her with an almost impossible task - I needed her expertise as we had sold our residence in St. Louis and a vacation home located in Alabama. Ellen’s mission was to merge ther furnishings and décor from two homes into a newly purchased single family house.

Ellen agreed to join us at the new home on the day of closing. She worked with photos of the furnishings from both properties and made invaluable preliminary recommendations regarding furniture placement. She was an absolute saint (as I am not the best photographer) and she never personally viewed the colors and furnishings fro our vacation property.

Thank goodness she was at the new house before the movers arrives as she recommended the critical step of having the carpet stretched in a few of the rooms. Her contact was able to complete the job by midafternoon, before the trucks arrived. And what a difference it made. After the physical move was complete, Ellen assisted with those critical final touches—to include recommendations on window treatments, picture hanging, wall decor recommendations, some furniture rearrangement, and interior paint/color schemes. We love the new residence and Ellen was the key to it becoming a home that is comfortable and a reflection of our life experiences and family.

As always, one of the key attributes of Ellen’s expertise is that she quickly becomes familiar with your likes and dislikes. She is willing to work with what you have and not start from scratch. She is always diplomatically honest in her assessments.

I cannot close without sharing the information about a Missouri artist that Ellen recommended we consider for our home. The artwork is stunning: so many family members and guests have commented on the and complemented our choice. On occasion I am tempted to take the credit for each and every room—all of which are suited for a magazine shoot. It’s so nice to have a secret weapon—her name is Ellen!

We met Ellen early February of 2014 when we were considering putting our home on the market. She was introduced to us by our real estate agent. She came in, looked everything over, and suggested what we should do. We did not agree with everything she said but since is was reasonable, we thought "What do we have to lose?" So we did what was suggested and because of her suggestions and the expertise of our agent, we sold our home in two days!

We also used her assistance in decorating our new home...and we love it! We have recommended her to several of our friends in the same situation.